For parents, the idea of hosting an 18th birthday party can be a daunting idea. Options for music, lights, and food are so vast it can be overwhelming! Not to mention the ever-present nervousness that some of the guests will have too much to drink. Like any party, if the right steps are taken your upcoming 18th is sure to be a great night! Planning for all of the following will ensure everything goes off without a hitch.



Keeping the guests’ stomachs well-lined is the key to making sure any mishaps are minimal. Keep the finger food to a minimum and set a time during the party where all the guests will be encouraged to eat a meal. This by no means has to be fancy and can be simple meals you can make yourself. Think pizza, a barbeque or nachos. Bonus points if it’s something you don’t need to sit down to eat.


There’s nothing worse than a brightly lit room when you’re ready to get your dance moves out. Too much light can kill the mood and hinder the party from really getting started. Consider setting up some fairy lights to turn on later in the night once the lights are dimmed. Colorful LEDs, disco balls and even strobes can be a fun idea for the dance floor.


As much as your soon-to-be 18-year-old might object, decorating the house or venue can make or break the party. It just won’t feel like an occasion without a few balloons or bunting. For something a little less kitsch, opt for something like a photo board or paper lanterns. A theme also comes with endless options for decoration ideas. Check Pinterest for inspiration – some of it is even DIY!


Any veteran party goer or thrower knows that music is arguably the make or break element to a party. Nailing the music for the vibes you want is the key to getting everyone talking about your party for years to come. Making a playlist for yourself is often overwhelming, and nobody wants to hear music out of tinny speakers. The safest bet to creating a pumping dancefloor when organising an 18th is hiring a DJ. Impression DJs offer hire packages including sound equipment and lighting as well as a professional disc jockey. These DJ’s are experts in mixing the perfect playlist for an unforgettable night.


Impression DJs can help make your 18th the party of the year! Contact us now for your quote.