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Often couples try to skimp on details for the reception by not hiring a professional DJ. The reality is, the reception will be the place to make memories and truly celebrate the day. A great atmosphere and overall experience is a number one priority for a well-planned and creative wedding. Ensuring you have a professional DJ to take care of the fun in between speeches and formalities, will make your wedding one to remember. We’ve come up with the 7 reasons to persuade you and your partner into getting that wedding DJ.


A wedding DJ is for your guests, not you

Setting a pre-planned playlist might be in your interests, but remember flexibility for you and your guests. Hiring a DJ will allow your rowdy cousins to request those crowd favourites to get everyone out of their seats. You’ll be floating around chatting to guests for most of the night- so make it fun for everyone else.


Set yourself apart from the rest

A great wedding can be described as one with great dancing, food and laughter. Atmosphere is everything and weddings that encourage you to get out of your seats and dance away the formalities are the ones to make history. Memories are made on the dance floor, so make sure you have a professional to know how to get a party started.


Professional services, not a friendly favour

Hiring a professional wedding DJ instead of your music-savvy mate will save you plenty of headaches. Friends are there to enjoy and share the day with you, not to be working around the clock to make it run smoothly. Friends will often have a few too many celebratory drinks and the music mixing can get a bit messy. So, leave it to a professional with plenty of experience to be in charge for the day.


Have peace of Mind

The last thing you need on your wedding day is added stress. Now that the ceremony is over, receptions are a time to unwind, celebrate and make memories. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a professional taking care of the atmosphere and ensuring your day runs smoother than a movie with a great soundtrack.


With a great DJ, comes great equipment

With a professional, comes great services. High-quality music equipment as well as additional services such as lighting and effects will enhance the quality of your dancefloor experience. Often venues don’t have top-of-the-range facilities like professional wedding DJ’s do. Hiring a professional will ensure that your wedding dance tunes are clear, fault-free and high-quality.  


Express yourself

Don’t play by the wedding books. Your wedding is a chance to be creative and to plan the best celebration of the year. Music is a great way to express your style and cater to the tastes of your friends and family. Professional wedding DJ’s are experts in formulating the best playlists and setting the mood for the event. Consult with a professional DJ into what music styles will get you and your guests dancing, and they will take care of the rest. Additional perks include a huge bank of songs, in which you and your guests can request throughout the night.


A DJ and MC in one

In between formalities, there should be no awkward silence. Often weddings with a singer or a band need to take a break leaving the dance floor empty and the venue pumping elevator-style music. Hiring a DJ for your wedding ensures that party favourites are played throughout and suited to every part of the night. A good wedding DJ will take over when the MC is off the stage, ensuring your guests aren’t left to entertain themselves.


Got the date set? Now let’s find a DJ. Get a quote for your wedding from our 15 experienced wedding DJ’s to ensure your guests are ripping up the dance-floor at your reception. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]