The first thing people think about when planning their wedding is “should we have a DJ or a band?” The two greatest advantages of a Wedding DJ are the cost and the variety of music that can be played. A DJ would cost considerably less than a band; and in some cases you can save thousands. The variety of music a Wedding DJ can play is nearly unlimited. DJs have the advantage of being able to play original music from the original artists. They can also play for extended periods of time catering for both dinner and dancing. With a DJ you have the option of music playing for your ceremony if required. You can basically have a DJ the entire event at a fraction of the cost.

The level of experience of the DJ is imperative to the success of your day. You need to ensure your DJ has years of experience, performing at many weddings, so you can be confident he/she will perform to the standard you expect. An experienced Wedding DJ will be able to read the crowd on the dance floor and knows when to play the right tracks. All of the DJs at Impression DJs Pty Ltd have many years of experience performing at weddings (as well as a variety of other event styles); each DJ performs at numerous weddings per week.

Wedding DJs must always be dressed appropriately in attire that matches the function’s dress code. It is best to come dressed in similar attire to the rest of the guests, this way the DJ will blend into the crowd.

Testimonials are a great way to see how the company really performs on the job. The Wedding DJ Company should have up to date testimonials that are available to be viewed on their website or in person at their office. Some Wedding/Bridal websites offer reviews where a couple can leave their testimonial on the advertiser’s page. One Sydney website that offers this is